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5 Best Home Multi Gym

We have gathered 5 best multi-gym equipment you can buy for your home

F4H Home Multi Gym ES-403

The Olympic ES403 is an Ideal home gym for beginners. The gym is made from Strong tubular (38 mm) square steel upright frame with chip black Hammertone resistant Epoxy powder coating making it sturdy. The gym has Impact Absorbing Rubber Frame End Caps, and the Seats and backrest have deep padded vinyl (cloth backed) covers

V-fit LGF-2 Herculean Cobra

If you want a total workout without having to go to the gym, the Herculean Cobra Lay Flat Home Gym from V-fit is a great fitness solution suitable for the entire family. The Cobra Home Gym has a heavy-duty tubular steel frame and a lay-flat bench that folds upright for convenience when not in use. The deep padded seat and backrest provides comfort whilst you exercise, while a double-up, on-line cabling, weight resistance system lets you get more out of your workouts, providing a maximum of 64kg of training resistance. This full size home gym provides for a range of exercises, targeting all your major muscle groups, to give you a full-body strength building and toning workout. You can work out your legs with leg extensions and back leg curls, or perform upright rows and crunches or sit ups. For your upper body you can develop your pecs with the pec-dec, tone your chest with the chest press and your lats with the lat pull-down – all without the need to change cables. Maximum user weight up to 125kg/276lbs.

Marcy Eclipse HG3000 Compact Home Gym

The Marcy eclipse HG3000 is a compact home gym so it doesn’t dominate your entire room however it still maintains a robust, durable feel with all of the essential training features. Both the high and low pulleys can use any of the gym attachments included, the high pulley is ideal for lat pulldown, tricep pushdowns and ab crunch with the low pulley better suited for seated rows, bicep curls and upright rows.

The chest press uses independent press arms to provide an equal resistance to both arms and can also double up as a pec dec too, the addition of a preacher pad and leg extensions covers your arms and legs for a complete body workout. The HG3000 happily displays a 68 kg solid vinyl weight stack which should be more than enough for starters and intermediate weight lifters as well, as with all Marcy equipment only heavy gauge steel frame is used to ensure that dependable, durable feel that Marcy have become so well known for.

Marcy MKM-81010 Home Multi Gym

Another Marcy one for you. This multi-gym have heavier weights than above. The Marcy MKM-81010 Home Multi Gym has the flexibility to appeal to both starters and experienced trainers alike. The huge 90 kg (200 lb) solid vinyl weight stack is broken down into 13 7 kg plates, so you can start light and progressively develop your strength, or go straight into the heavier weights if youandrsquo;re up for the challenge.

This Marcy gym has some fantastic little extra features, quickly convert the chest press into a seated row with one pin for effective back training. The height adjustable preacher pad aligns your arms perfectly for bicep development and a striker plated foot plate on the low pulley system keeps you firmly grounded for seated rows. A brilliant all-rounder for extensively targeting all your major muscles.

BH Fitness G152X Global Multi Gym

Saving the best one for last. This machine is a beast! The BH Fitness global multi gym is the flagship home gym machine out of the range and it’s clear to see why, with distinctive features such as the adjustable leg press station and the dip and leg raise tower the global instantly has an edge over your average home gym.

Installed at the rear and shrouded for safety is a 100 kg of resistance, a weight identification guide clearly shows what each weight level equates too so you can easily monitor your progression in strength. In order to hoist the weight stack up and down high tensile 2000lb aircraft cables have been used that are guided through a series of pulleys, these have been fitted with bearings so the combination of the two ensures an ultra smooth feel whilst your exercising, this is what makes all the difference.

The global has all of the conventional traits from gyms like high and low pulleys, a chest press/pec dec and a leg developer. These are all extremely useful features to have but the leg press will pressure your legs to work harder, dips will sculpt and apply size to your chest and leg raises will force deep grooves into your lower abs, this is what makes all the difference.